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Gallery 6 - Flatware & Cutlery

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Flatware, as opposed to hollow-ware, was the name given to spoons, forks and the like, bought from the silversmith, different from cutlery, which was knives and got from a cutler. When silver flatware first appeared in the late 17th C, etiquette and hygiene demanded that spoons and forks be laid face down, so the ends flipped upwards bringing the stems off the table to facilitate being picked up. As the Hanoverian style gave way to Old English, they began to be laid face upwards and the ends of spoons accordingly turned down, but curiously the forks remained unchanged.

Miniature silver dinner pieces - knife, fork, tablespoon, soup spoon

Fiddle pattern

Pieces for Dinner.
Table Knife
, bone handle. 19mm long
Price £19.00
Table Knife, silver handle.
Price £15.00
Table Fork
Price £12.00
Tablespoon, for soups and stews, used from the side
Price £12.00
Soup Spoon. Originated from America around the end of the 19th C and can be used instead of a tablespoon
Price £12.00

Miniature silver fish fork, knife


Fish Fork, fiddle pattern
Price £12.00
Fish knife, fiddle pattern
Price £12.00
Fish fork, bone handle
Price £24.00
Fish knife, bone handle
Price £20.00

Miniature silver  dessert set - knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon, cake knife, cake fork


For Dessert
Dessert Knife
, bone handle. 16.5mm long
Price £19.00
Dessert Knife, silver handle
Price £15.00
Dessert Fork
Price £12.00
Dessert Spoon
Price £ 12.00
Teaspoon, 11mm long
Price £12.00
Tea or Cake Knife, bone handle
Price £19.00
Cake Fork, 2 tines and blade
Price £12.00


Miniature silver old english cutlery

Old English

Table Spoon 17mm long
Price £ 12.00
Table Fork
Price £12.00
Soup Spoon
Price £ 12.00
Dessert Spoon
Price £ 12.00
Dessert Fork
Price £12.00
Teaspoon, 11mm long
Price £10.00

other fiddle pattern pieces available in Old English to order

Miniature silve Hannoverian cutlery


Table Knife , pistol grip, 18mm long, early 18th C.
Price £15.00
Table Fork, pistol grip, 2 tines.
Price £16.00
Spoon.Price £12.00
Table Fork, and dessert fork, 3 tines, price £12
A serving spoon is also available.

Miniature silver soup ladle and fish/pastry slices

Serving Pieces

Soup Ladle, this one is 27mm long, but I also make a smaller one of 22mm long, which some prefer alongside Stokesay Ware's tureen (link opens in a new window)
Price £24.00
Slices for pastries or fish
Shaped Blade Price £25.00
Plain blade Price £22.00


Miniature silver asparagus tongs, serving spoon, serving fork, stilton or cheese scoop

Asparagus Tongs
Price £33.00
Serving Spoon, 20mm long
Price £15.00
Serving Fork
Price £17.00
Stilton or cheese scoop, bone handle
Price £28.00.

Also available but not shown, a long handled Stuffing spoon, Price £17 .

Also available but not shown, fiddle pattern Stilton scoop, price £17.00


miniature silverware fish servers and bread knife

Fish Servers, slice & fork
Price £48.00
Bread knife, bone handle and blade with serrated edge.

Price £23

Miniature silver punch ladle & toasting fork
Punch Ladle, ebony handle
Price £44.00
Toasting fork, for cosy evenings by the fire
Price £34.00
Miniature silver baby spoon & pusher

Baby Spoon & Pusher. Often Christening pieces
Price £28.00


Miniature silver carving set

Carving set. in stainless steel with bone handles. Knife, fork and sharpener.
Price £130.00


Miniature silver cutlery set
Cutlery set Contemporary cutlery set in stainless steel
Price £17 per set
Miniature silver corkscrew

Corkscrew, stainless steel blade. 9mm long.
Price £29.00

Miniature silver ware apple corer


Apple corer.

Price £13


miniature silver ware cutlery box

Canteen, hinged lid. Containing six table knives in the lid and twenty pieces of flatware in the body - typically six table forks, six soup spoons, six desert spoons and two small serving spoons.
With silver handled knives Price £445.00
With bone handled knives Price £465.00

Miniature silver - boxes containing teaspoons & teaknives

Box hinged lids,

For six Old English teaspoons Price £100.00
For six Fiddle Pattern teaspoons Price £113.00



Miniature silver CR Mackintosh cutlery & flatware : knives, ladle, flatware set

C.R. Mackintosh Cutlery & Flatware. Mackintosh did not design knives for this set, so I adapted a design by a contemporary, Josef Hoffman.
Knives (pair)
Price £20.00
Ladle, length 31mm
Price £28.00
Flatware set of six, soup spoon, large fork, pudding spoon, small fork, fish knife and fork. These have the piercing and other details of the originals.
Price £100.00


Mike Sparrow silver 1/12 scale (inch scale) miniature dollshouse furniture and dollhouse cutlery and flatware dolls silver miniatures. Craftsman handmade quality finished miniature silverware and doll house miniatures

Mike Sparrow miniature silver 1/12 scale (inch scale) miniature dollshouse furniture and dollhouse cutlery and flatware dolls house silver miniatures. Craftsman handmade quality finished miniature silverware and doll house miniatures and framed hand-painted miniature works of art - paintings and picture framing by Chris Sparrow

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