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Gallery 4 - Household Silverware

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Miniature silver casket
Casket 4 ball feet, hinged lid with silk pin cushion & 2 hat pins
Price £114.00
Miniature silver cigarette box, ashtray, cigarette holder & cigarette

Cigarette box 14mm long. Two compartments with hinged lids containing paper cigarettes. Early 20thC.
Price £105.00
Ashtray 9mm square with paper cigarette.
Price £26.00
Cigarette Holder and Cigarette.
Price £7.00

Miniature silver cigar box

Cigar box, hinged lid, wood lined, with cigar.

Price £96.00
Miniature silver cigarette table lighter
Cigarette Table Lighter
Price £48.00

Cake Basket, 21mm dia. with swing handle and cakes

miniature silver tiered cake stand

Cake stand, 2 tier


Miniature silver pierced Georgian basket

Pierced Georgian Basket 32mm long with decorated swing handle. Usually called cake baskets, they would just as likely hold bread, fruit, needlework or anything else the lady of the house might wish. c1750


Oval Basket, all pierced
miniature silver desk pieces

Rolling Blotter. 10mm long The blotting paper is held around the wood by the silver top.

Spirit Flask with pull off cap

Seal, for impressing a scallop shell in sealing wax
Paper Knife Mid 18th C. These were made as meat skewers, but when superseded by stainless steel they were used to open letters.

Miniature silver candlesticks & candelabra

Candlestick (left)15mm high. Baluster stem, early 18th C.
Candlestick 25mm high. (centre)Fluted Stem . Candlesticks got larger as time went on. This is from 1780 and has a fluted stem .
Candelabra .(right) When fitted with 3 reeded branches it makes a candelabra to light the dining table or sideboard
[All complete with David Edwards candles]

Miniature silver waiter & chamber stick

Waiter, the name given to a very small salver on which the
butler might present calling cards. 13mm diameter
Chamber Stick To light the way, the large pan collecting dripping wax. A socket on the handle supports the loose extinguisher

Miniature silver coaster and decanter/wine labels

Coaster (centre) inside dia. 9.5mm..With turned wood base. Originally used to coast bottles or decanters around the table.
Decanter or Wine Labels. In addition to Port and Claret shown here, I also make Whisky, Gin, Sherry, Rum and Brandy. Shown with a decanter and wine bottle by Gerd Felka.

Miniature silver cocktail shaker

Cocktail Shaker The cap is useful as a measure, whilst the lid has a fret of strainer holes to prevent fruit debris from being poured. Cocktails were named after Coctel, the beautiful daughter of a Mexican king.

Miniature silver gallery tray

Gallery Tray with two pierced handles and ball feet. There are two sizes:
Large, inside 44mm x 29mm
Medium, inside 35mm x 23mm

Miniature silver inkstand or standish

Inkstand or Standish Length 22mm. A writing set comprising a stand with wells for a quill pen, hollow ink and pounce pots and a taper stick. Pounce was fine sand for drying ink and the taper, a thin candle, melted wax wafers to seal the letter. 1750

Miniature silver gallery inkstand

Inkstand, pierced gallery and 4 feet complete with ink pot, pounce pot and taperstick with taper and quill pen.

miniature silver inkbottle stand

Inkbottle Stand
18mm wide. A later desk piece c/w with a blue inkbottle with lift off cover and quill pen.

miniature silver inkwell bottle
Ink Bottle 4mm square with bevelled corners and silver
cap, c/w quill pen.
£28.00 Also available for it to sit on is an oval tray with beaded edges. £14.00
Miniature silver inkwell with quill

lift off top, c/w quill pen

Miniature silver pen & capstan inkwell
Silver Pen
Capstan Inkwell with hinged cap, c/w ink and quill pen
Miniature silver fountain pen

Fountain Pen, the cap is a push fit. 11 mm long.


Hair comb, pierced


Miniature silver CR Mackintosh jug & basin

C.R. Mackintosh Jug & Basin 30mm dia. A Pair sit on the washstand at the Hill House.
Price. £200.00

miniature silver lipstick


Lipstick. Pull off cap.



Miniature silver hand mirror & powder box

Hand Mirror (right) 18mm
not available
Powder Box. (left) With lift off lid and a pad for the powder kept inside.

Miniature silver photo frame & vase

Photo Frame with beaded edges. The photo will come out if you would like to replace it with your own. In three sizes
Small, aperture approx 9 x 5mm
Medium aperture approx 13 x 9mm
Large aperture 19 x 15mm
Other sizes can be made to order.
Vase fluted top with red rose

Miniature silver salver

Salver with a Chippendale border and three feet. The well is about a 20mm dia.

Miniature silver pin cushion
Pin cushion silk cushion & 2 hat pins
Miniature silver and ebony trophy cup

Trophy Cup, ebony plinth with silver band.


Miniature silver tantulus

Tantalus. Wood stand with silver mounts and swing down top rail. Keeps your best liquor away from thirsty servants. Complete with 3 glass decanters and labels.

Miniature silver tray with glass by Gerd  Felka



Shown here with decanter and glasses by Gerd Felka for illustration only.



Mike Sparrow silver 1/12 scale (inch scale) miniature dollshouse furniture and dollhouse cutlery and flatware dolls silver miniatures. Craftsman handmade quality finished miniature silverware and doll house miniatures

Mike Sparrow miniature silver 1/12 scale (inch scale) miniature dollshouse furniture and dollhouse cutlery and flatware dolls house silver miniatures. Craftsman handmade quality finished miniature silverware and doll house miniatures and framed hand-painted miniature works of art - paintings and picture framing by Chris Sparrow

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